pickleball paddles and ball lying on ground

Create your court.

Don’t have a pickleball court to play on (yet)? We've got you.

When your purchase from Pickles Athletic, you will receive a free pack of court chalk. Use the dimensions provided for an accurate playing field, but we recommend just whacking it down! 

Use the image below as a guide.

Pickleball court dimension

Source: USAPickleball 2023.

Court Dimensions:

  • The standard pickleball court is 6.1 metres wide and 13.41 metres long. Yes... the dimensions are weird because we have converted them for you from the imperial system.

Net Height:

  • The net height in pickleball is 91.4 cm at the sidelines and 86.4 cm at the centre.
  • If you are playing at a tennis court, unwind the existing net. If you are doing a home job - use your imagination!

Playing Surface:

  • Pickleball can be played on various surfaces, including indoor hardwood, concrete, asphalt etc.
  • We recommend your backyard, garage (watch out for moving vehicles) or anywhere else our ball can bounce.

Court Markings:

  • Baseline: Like tennis, this is the back boundary line of the court.
  • Sidelines: Self explanatory (but if you can't work it out... the side boundary lines that run parallel to the net)
  • Centreline: A line that divides the court into two equal halves. Also self explanatory.
  • The Kitchen (the non-volley zone): A rectangular area that extends 2.13 metres from the net on both sides. This area is marked with a solid line. Not so self explanatory...

In addition to these basic markings, there are specific areas designated for serving and receiving:

  • Service Area: A rectangular area measuring 6.71 metres from the net to the baseline. This area is split in half by the centreline.
  • Service Courts: Within the service area, there are two smaller rectangles on each side, called the right and left service courts.
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