Two girls drinking rose by the pool holding pickleball paddles

Tips and dinks!

Got the basics sorted? Check out our top 5 tips and dinks! 
  1. Focus on the fundamentals - practice your proper grip, footwork, paddle control, serves, returns, and volleys as much as you can. Piece of cake right?
  2. Court positioning is key - Position yourself in the centre of the court, slightly behind the non-volley zone, to have better coverage and be ready for both offensive and defensive shots.
  3. Communication is crucial - When playing doubles, effective communication with your partner is a must. Let each other know who will take the shots, call out the ball's location, and coordinate your movements to avoid collisions (it happens more than you think) and cover the court efficiently.
  4. Strategy over strength - Focus on placing the ball strategically rather than hitting it with excessive power. See if you can play on your opponent's weaknesses! We like to keep the ball low and deep to make it harder for them to return.
  5. Doing the dink - The dink shot is a soft, controlled shot that is hit just over the net and lands in the opponent's non-volley zone. It can be an effective strategy to set up winning shots or force your opponents into making mistakes.

    Too much info?

    Remember this - Pickleball is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Avoid rushing shots or going for overly aggressive plays. Instead, focus on consistent play, minimise unforced errors, and wait for the right opportunity to attack

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